Steve Puttrich is a unique combination of award winning artist in oil and watercolor, and an inspiring and successful teacher.  He understands how people learn and what is needed to inspire confidence and build skills in artistry.

In Steve’s workshops, you'll learn at your own pace in building skills and mastery. Classes are structured to include demonstrations of a composition in a step-by-step format, time to paint and generous feedback to build on your own artistic process. It is Steve’s intent that by the end of the sessions you will have built a confidence in your ability as an artist and have a sense of direction for growing your understanding and skills for painting.

Class sizes are limited to 10 -12 students, so personal instruction is never far away and group interaction is fun.

If you’ve always wanted to paint in watercolor or oil, now is the time.


Paint Cedarburg


June 1-2,  2018

Cedarburg, Wisconsin
Prepare yourself for the week of Plein Air painting ahead with two fun and creative-filled days. There are so many IDEAS to learn in watercolor painting. Steve will simplify these down to the absolute essentials. You’ll also learn basic and advanced watercolor techniques all to create art that is uniquely yours.

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Watercolor 2018

Experience the freedom and joy of painting in watercolors. Visualizing a beautiful landscape and capturing it on paper is our objective. Working from reference photos, you’ll learn basic watercolor techniques and slowly add layers of complexity to create art that is uniquely yours, all to tell a compelling story.

Join Steve each Thursday morning from 9:00-12:00 at the Barrington, IL Library. To see class details, supply list and to reserve your spot, click below

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Paint Door County


September 10-13, 2018

Fish Creek, Wisconsin Through the prestigious Peninsula School of the Arts I'm offering a four-day watercolor workshop. This in-depth class will offer numerous opportunity to advance your skills to your next level and beyond. 

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Plein Air at Chicago Botanic Garden

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Painting on location, in the moment, capturing light's story and color’s glory, bathed in the fragrances of flowers and the feel of the breeze off the Lake… the senses fully engaged, well, this is simply how the artist’s life is meant to be lived.  Though there's nothing like Plein Air painting, it poses challenges not encountered in the studio.  Steve is an award winning plein air painter who will share the techniques and practices that have led to his success.  We will be meet Wednesday mornings, 9:00-noon at Chicago Botanic Garden.


Palette & Chisel


Chicago, Illinois
Steve teaches Wednesday evenings throughout the year at the preeminent Palette and Chisel Academy of Fine Arts.